Niles Thames


Niles was born to parents Amur and Yukon in Dramenides’ capital city of Adintae. After losing both of his parents to a vicious attack when he was 16, he packed up and left for Shod’ntaal, the largest island in the massive equatorial archipelago, to begin a new life.

On the island, Niles soon began studies into the nature and practice of generica and elemental manipulation.

After human lifetimes of study and island leisure Niles reached what was considered the age of true maturity in Aquean society, 200 years. He was encouraged by his elders to begin preparations for his pilgrimage if he wanted a real place in society. Lacking the ambition for this, he began his first true adventure and set out to see the whole of Dramenides.

Over the next 13 years, Niles visited each of the major civilizations on the planet, ending with a two year stint in the temples of the Mountain Aqueans. Only after these experiences did he begin to understand and appreciate his duty to explore the unexplored. He returned to the academy on Shod’ntaal and finally began preparations.

The ritual depositied him on what appeared to be an uninhabited world but later proved itself to be far more dangerous. While exploring a cave system Niles was captured by a huge swarm of small, gnome-like creatures after valiantly fighting off as many as he could.

For the next few excruciating days, he was studied, poked, prodded, and cut, by a small group of the creatures. Inexplicably, on the fourth day, a group of 3 heavily armed warriors of varying races stormed the caves and rescued him. They called themselves Drifters.

After completing their mission, the group brought Niles back to their home plane, The Crux, with them and introduced him to the overseer, noting his exceptional combat prowess.

After completing his training, he was inducted into Drifter Corps and began the next great adventure of his life.

Niles Thames

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