The Aqueans are a race of semi-liquid humanoids from the planet Dramenides. Aqueous are defined by a blue water-like sheen and look to their skin but a firm, warm feel to the touch not unlike human skin. They can also elect to adopt an entirely aqueous form when necessary.

All Aqueans live close to a river or body of water, most often to the one that birthed them.

Aqueans reproduce through a 3 day magic ritual performed by two members of the species at the side of a body of water. Each ‘parent’ provides an offering of a small part of their body, usually the tip of a finger, and over the course of the ritual form the child from the parts. When near their home waters, these self inflicted injuries repair themselves after a few years. Aquean reproduction has only yet been known to be performed on Dramenides, but it is theorized that any Generica infused body of water would suffice.

When living on their home planet, Aqueans are able to live nearly endless lifespans. Their elders have been leading the species and its unique tribes for millennia, allegedly since the species began. After birth, they age to approximately 23 years standard, and then cease aging. When away from their home waters, they begin to age at the same rate as humans. Upon returning, they’re able to “de-age” approximately 10 years maximum depending on the length of time that they’ve been gone.


It’s become tradition for mature Aqueans to perform a pilgrimage when they reach the age of 200 standard. These pilgrimages served a few functions. The first of which being knowledge collection. The second, ‘culling the herd’. Due to their lack of aging, overpopulation is a large concern for the species. The third, was glory. Both the amount of useful knowledge of outside worlds that an individual is able to collect, and the amount of time they’re away from home, can contribute to an immense amount of respect and places of power in society upon their return.

In the past, these pilgrimages had been to different parts of Dramenides but recently, the concept of Rift Magic has been utilized by the elders. They perform intricate rituals that can take anywhere from hours to weeks to complete that results in the teleportation of an individual to another world along with a stone in their possession that, after a short ritual, will take them back to the place that they left.


Aqueans have developed unique adaptations to the particular environments they grow up in.


Living near the polar ice caps, these Aqueans are distinctly adapted to the cold and were able to wield ice in much the same way that all Aqueans hold dominion over water. Eventually, it was found that this was simply a skill that could be learned by the entire species, but none with the skill or grace of the Arctic Aqueans.


Living exclusively on the warm beaches and islands of the equatorial regions, these Aqueans had little environmental pressure to adapt, and as such are closest to the original form of the species. Having simple lives, they often hold the most power over water of the species due to their ample time to practice their techniques.


The largest subset of the species, these Aqueans have built large sprawling cities in various regions of the globe. This sub-race has taken on a greenish tint and have a notable resistance to pollution that would sicken other members of the species.


In “The Great Eye of Dramenides” a wild storm has raged for millennia. Despite the danger of the lightning and huge waves, a hearty tribe of Aqueans has managed to thrive here. They’ve kept mostly separated from the politics and laws of the rest of Aquean society and as such are seen with a distrusting eye by others of the species.


Some Aqueans prefer the comfort of caverns and live exclusively near subterranean rivers and lakes. These Aqueans have developed the ability to carve out new tunnels using the same techniques that they use to control water.


The most devout of the species, these Aqueans have built countless temples to Nabrei on the tops of mountains, their gentle rivers flowing through the temples centers.


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