The Crux

The Crux is the name given to the massive city at the center of The Web. It has existed for millennia and grown exponentially in the last few decades, with recent advances in world discovery.


The Crux was founded thousands of years ago, when two civilizations ( The Razahn and the Urtanid) that mastered dimensional rift technology discovered each other in a sort of “dead zone” between worlds. Initially it was a wild plane; no discernible life or resources present, and the barren wastleand was scarred even further by battles between both groups. After the initial conflict, the dead zone was classified as a DMZ while tensions cooled. The people grew closer as generations passed and decided to properly settle the dead zone. It was christened The Crux, given its importance in the development of these two worlds drawn together.

Over centuries, the Crux grew from a reasonably sized outpost to an expansive city. Occasionally, new worlds would find themselves linked to the city by their own doing, and not counting a few rebellious inhabitants, most gladly shared their culture and technology with the growing settlement. The Crux was becoming a massive hub of unbelievable variety and refinement.

During this expansion, the Razahn and Urtanid began exploring the plane more fully. Some initial seismological research revealed massive underground wells of energy, which came to be dubbed Generica. The scientists noticed that not only did it seem to feed itself on energy drawn from linked worlds, it also spread its powers. Generica deposits were discovered on linked worlds over the following years, and after extensive testing it was established as an efficient source of energy for the Crux and its linked civilizations.


The Crux has grown to an epic size over its millenia of existence. Billions of inhabitants live and work in the city, and millions more visit it every day. Its layout can be divided into a few generalized sections:

Crux Proper

Technically, only the city itself is The Crux, but inhabitants and visitors alike use the name to refer to the entire plane. Crux proper is a large, wheel-shaped city. The very center contains most government buildings as well as access to the Web. Traveling along massive roads that radiate out like spokes reveals a seemingly endless mix of shops, housing, and utility buildings. In an effort to curtail xenophobia and promote interaction with other races, there is no strict divide on who lives where. The towering skyscrapers that the Urtanid favor are mixed in with the underground dwellings of the Razahn. Sprinkled throughout are a dozen different building designs from several civilizations. Countless roads wind off of the main spokes in every direction, and despite its best effort, the Crux government has been completely unable to properly zone and restrict infrastructure. The dense buildings come to an abrupt halt at massive walls, thick enough and tall enough to withstand the most devastating assault. The walls are lined with turrets across their entire length; despite its ominous look from the outside, this is not to discourage visitors. It is merely a well-maintained defense system to guarantee the Crux’s safety; not every newly linked world is a friendly one.

Inner Ring

Once outside the Crux walls, the buildings thin out slightly. This area is for the more affluent residents of the city who have grown tired of the cramped living spaces within. There are larger shops to be found in the Inner Ring and the wider streets allow for easier travel. The Inner Ring is also contained by a wall, not as significant as the Crux’s, but still impressive.

Outer Ring

The Outer Ring is a mix of lower class citizens, scientists, and explorers. It is significantly less organized than the Inner Ring and expands in every direction out from the city. Most utilities necessary for the city can be found here, from massive farm towers to winding reservoirs. Traveling further from the city, a visitor will find more tents and trailers set up by a variety of scientists. Some are exploring deep underground, others hire explorers and mercenaries to help map out the plane. Not as well-protected as the inner sections of the plane, it still has a constant, massive guard corps in force to patrol it.


The Crux is run by a democratic republic. Each race that establishes a significant residence in the Crux is granted a council seat. The Overseer, the ultimate authority of the Crux, is selected by the council members from their own ranks after a vote. Council members are elected by their respective race to grant every race a fair voice in government affairs. The Overseer has no control over who is elected to the council, but is the deciding vote in any ties to elect his or her successor. The Overseer also appoints department heads for each governmental institution; this decision can be overridden by council vote.

Above: The general layout of the Crux Government.

The Crux

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