The Urtanid are one of the founding races of the Crux alongside the Razahn. They are a physically immense and powerful species, but rely almost entirely on the rule of peace.


Urtanid are huge 4 legged creatures with a powerful, humanoid upper torso centered on their frame. In battle, they typically wear light or no armor due to both the strength of their rock-like skin and their desire to fight unhindered by heavy equipment.


The Urtanid developed as an extremely intelligent and empathetic species, though stubborn and headstrong, quickly adapting to a tribal lifestyle in their earliest days and later building large cities with advanced science and magic institutes and research facilities.

After discovering the power and malleability of Generica, they quickly learned how to utilize it for transportation, and then adapting it for the use of interstellar and interplanar teleportation.

The first expedition group testing the interplanar technology appeared in a barren plane devoid of any signs of life. During their explorations they came upon another species, the Razahn. Despite their efforts the two groups were unable to communicate effectively, however the interaction seemed to end amicably and both groups returned to their home planes without incident.

Upon their return a few standard months later, the squad was immediately accosted by a large group of fully armed Razahn and slaughtered on sight, taking the lead scientists hostage. The following recovery squads met the same fate.

The government demanded an immediate cease to the hostilities, leading to an uneasy silence for a few days. Unexpectedly, a portal opened up in the Urtanid capital city, and a squad of heavily armored Razahn poured out. They were quickly disposed of, but not before murdering a handful of civilians. It was only then that the Urtanid realized the gravity of the situation they found themselves in.

Though heartbroken, the central government of the Urtanid voted to declare war and began to deploy large battalions of troops, meeting the same on the barren plane. Each of these were summarily routed, but not before cutting large swaths out of the enemy forces themselves.

Over the next 5 years, the Urtanid continued to suffer massive casualties both through draft enlistment and the occasional invasion, leaving countless cities to lay silent and barren before an uneasy ceasefire was called.

The plane connecting their worlds was designated a demilitarized zone and was left untouched for years. After a few generations, the two civilizations reached out to each other again and decided to start fresh. The plane that was the site of their first bloody contact was converted into a peaceful settlement where all were welcome. The Razahn melded their tech and practical knowledge with the Urtanid’s propensity for physical prowess and stubbornness to build up a fluorishing city within a matter of years.

Ever since, the Urtanid have been at peace. Besides a few small exceptions, they openly welcome newcomers to the Crux and help integrate their culture into the Crux society. Neither founding race maintains complete control of the city; they allow the democratic process to bring fresh new ideas to the forefront.


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